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ExpressVPN offers high speed, secure, and easy to use VPN services to its customers. The Tech Info Group explains that VPN is a virtual private network which acts as a tunnel between networks, allowing a user to connect to devices that might otherwise be unavailable. One popular use of a VPN is to allow users to connect to video streaming or social media websites that are blocked in their countries, and to bypass various forms of censorship. Other uses are to simply allow for a more secure connection; disguising location, hiding your IP address, encrypting sensitive data – all features that enable the user to safely connect to services without being monitored.

ExpressVPN has servers 87 countries to ensure that the customer receives a high speed connection with their service. Their Internet speed test tools allows customers to gauge connect speeds to determine the optimal performance that is possible.

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Google Street View

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Google Street View gives you the power to explore the world in the palm of your hand. The app, created by Google, is available as a free download straight to your mobile device either from Google Play or the App Store. As an extension to Google Maps, the user now has the power to pick a section of street or a point of interest and take a look at that location like they were standing there.

Google street view

To use Google Street View, start by opening up Google Maps. Once the app is opened, tap and hold your finger somewhere on a street where you would like to visit, or select a place like a business and then tap the bar at the bottom of the screen. Among reviews, hours of operation, and other information that is brought up, there will be an image that says “Street View.” Tap on that and your screen should change to the street-level image, where you now have the option to explore for yourself and even navigate in different directions. Continue reading Google Street View

Total Manager Pro

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total manager proTotal Manager Pro is a file management program for performing various tasks with one’s files. The program is for people who have Windows devices, and it works with the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms. The processors that it supports are the x86, ARM and x64 processors. The age rating for the program is six years and up, which means that the program is easy to use for just about anyone who wants to have access to the device’s files.

The program comes with many features that can help users to perform important tasks. Total Manager Pro allows users to have liberty with their device files. They can perform actions such as: Continue reading Total Manager Pro