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Total Manager Pro

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total manager proTotal Manager Pro is a file management program for performing various tasks with one’s files. The program is for people who have Windows devices, and it works with the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms. The processors that it supports are the x86, ARM and x64 processors. The age rating for the program is six years and up, which means that the program is easy to use for just about anyone who wants to have access to the device’s files.

The program comes with many features that can help users to perform important tasks. Total Manager Pro allows users to have liberty with their device files. They can perform actions such as: Continue reading Total Manager Pro

Windows 10

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windows 10


This seems to be the general consensus with Windows 10. This is basically an updated version of Windows 7. If you were happy with Windows 7, which many people were, it’s safe to say you will be happy with Windows 10.


This system no longer operates on the 32 or 64-bit platform. Now there is the ARM processor. This is helpful to people who work from their tablets or phones. Windows 10 will run on Windows Phones and Xbox among other devices. Unlike some of the previous versions, Windows 10 works with the NT group.

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