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Windows Surface Book

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Tech giant Microsoft was not considered a hardware company until it released the first version of the Xbox video game console in 2001. By the time Microsoft partnered with Nokia and introduced its Surface line of personal computing devices, the tech sector was still not convinced that the company would one day be as dedicated to hardware as its primary rival Apple.

With the new Surface Pro 4 hybrid tablet, Microsoft will certainly convince everyone that its hardware products deserve as much attention as an iPad, iPhone or MacBook. The Surface 4 Pro only features a handful of improvements over the Surface 3, but the verdict is clear: laptops belong in the past.

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Microsoft Office 2016

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office 2016

Office 2016 has all the basics – Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint – but it’s really intended to do so much more than supply those four basic tools. Office 365 offers cloud solutions and there are accompanying mobile apps. Office 2016 can be used by anyone who has word processing or spreadsheet needs, but it’s best used by business professionals who collaborate with other team members. Ultimately, Office is good for any business-minded person who wants to improve productivity.


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