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ExpressVPN offers high speed, secure, and easy to use VPN services to its customers. The Tech Info Group explains that VPN is a virtual private network which acts as a tunnel between networks, allowing a user to connect to devices that might otherwise be unavailable. One popular use of a VPN is to allow users to connect to video streaming or social media websites that are blocked in their countries, and to bypass various forms of censorship. Other uses are to simply allow for a more secure connection; disguising location, hiding your IP address, encrypting sensitive data – all features that enable the user to safely connect to services without being monitored.

ExpressVPN has servers 87 countries to ensure that the customer receives a high speed connection with their service. Their Internet speed test tools allows customers to gauge connect speeds to determine the optimal performance that is possible.

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With over 100 locations in countries, ExpressVPN also allows the customer to circumvent government censorship and access any website or service they desire, regardless of their actual geographical location. This is done by using their servers to switch a customer’s IP address to one that would be located in another country.

Additionally, ExpressVPN encrypts user data with a 256-bit encryption, preventing user data from being viewed by anyone other than the customer, not even governments or ISP’s. The encryption algorithms in place are among the most advanced, making a brute-force attack in an attempt to break the encryption practically impossible.

Using a VPN is one of the easiest ways one can increase security and maintain privacy. ExpressVPN simply desires to provide their customers with fast, reliable, and private Internet – a goal that is easy fulfilled through the use of their VPN service. These simple goals, combined with a quality product, make ExpressVPN a top choice in meeting the internet privacy needs of a customer.

Express VPN on June 20, 2016 rated 4.5 of 5