WhatsApp Messenger

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Countless smartphone apps exist for people to keep in touch but none as popular as WhatsApp. This messenger app is growing popularity in both iOS and Android at a global scale. This app has end-to-end encryption, very easy sign up and practically eliminates texting cell phone plans.

Unlike other messenger apps, WhatsApp does not require a user to create an account. Instead, you enter your phone number and verify it with a text message. Once this process is complete, the app syncs with your contact list; this allows you to chat with other friends who have the app. WhatsApp also has a support team that helps end-users with technical issues during the installation or product usage.

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Dirty Dozen

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The app titled “Dirty Dozen” compatible for Android devices and iOS, is an application that lists fruits and vegetables that have been contaminated by pesticides.

History of Dirty Dozen

Created by the “Environmental Working Group” this app is placed in the Lifestyle category and is rated E for Everyone. Within the description of the app, it explains that, “nearly three-fourths of the 6,953 produce samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2014 contained pesticide residues- a surprising finding in the face of soaring consumer demand for food without synthetic chemicals.” The description goes on to explain that a total of 146 different types of pesticides reside on thousands of various fruits and vegetables that were sampled and examined in a new 2014 test, as well as updated EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce by the USDA- even after all these fruits and vegetables were washed, and even peeled, in some cases. Continue reading Dirty Dozen


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Download a central hub for your daily tasks at work, home, and on-the-go. Unlike other to-do list apps, Any.do pulls in info from your other apps so you can easily be more productive.


  • Daily Planner
  • Notifications
  • Action shortcuts
  • Comments
  • Subtasks
  • List Management
  • Notes
  • Sync Across Devices
  • Upload Files
  • Reminders

On the surface, Any.do appears to be like any other simplified task organizer, but it has more power than it appears. The moment function gets you into the habit of remembering your tasks need to follow through to be effective. Most impressively, the geotagged reminders work.
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