Hands Free

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Hands Free is Google’s new payment app that gives you the ability to make in-store purchases without pulling out your credit card or phone. Hands Free is still in beta and only operates in a limited number of stores in South Bay at this time. It is available for download on Android and iPhone.

How Does Hands Free Work?
According to Google Hands Free uses location services, WiFi, and other sensing methods to detect when your phone is near a store that is participating.

To make a purchase inside of participating stores you tell the cashier that you want to pay with Google. The cashier can confirm your identity using your initials and your photo that will be on your Hands Free profile. After the purchase you will receive a notification with the details of the transaction.

Is Hands Free Safe?

Hands Free has a number of safety features built in.
The Hands Free app will not give a store your full credit card   information when you make a purchase. Your payment details will only be shared with the payment processor. You can only be charged when your phone with the Hands Free app is near the store. You are instantly notified of all purchases and any suspicious activity will require you to verify the transaction.


Hands Free is a convenient app that allows you to make purchases without the hassle of going for your wallet or pulling out your phone. It is fast and easy, but also comes with a number of security checks to make sure your shopping experience is safe.


Currently Hands Free is only in beta and accessible to a small area. In addition it will only work with participating stores once it goes live. This could mean a limited number of participating businesses.

Release Date and Cost

As of right now there is no information regarding the possible cost of Hands Free. Currently it is free to download for beta, and it may well stay free for use. There is no announced release date as of yet.

Square: Best Payment Processor

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Square Processing Payment

Square is one of the most popular mobile processing method used by merchants and non-merchants. There are many smartphone processing systems in the market but Square is one of the most affordable with no monthly fees and no minimum charges required.

The following Square’s inventory management system features are accessible in the iPad app or online:

  • Keep inventory count
  • Import inventory list via CSV file
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Maintain several tax rates
  • Picture description of items

Additional App Features Include:

  • Print Receipts
  • Online Menu Ordering
  • Allows Customer Reviews
  • E-invoicing option available


  • Flat Processing Rate fee of 2.75% + $0 for all swiped and online transactions
  • Keyed in transaction fee is 3.15% + $0.15
  • Square EMV chip card reader is $30


  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Monthly Minimum Charges Required.
  • Advanced Reporting
  • API for custom solutions


  • Poor customer service
  • Account withholding’s for long periods
  • Square Register POS is only compatible with Square’s credit card processing

Not only does Square have low processing fees but it has a simple and easy interface to manage. In any case you encounter issues with the POS device or mobile app installation, reach out to Square customer support or any  IT support LA firm that specialize in POS systems like The Tech Info Group. Do not let the bad reputation of Square’s customer service prevent you from trying this application.

Runtastic Pro App

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Runtastic Pro AppNot even a decade ago, it was a huge hassle to track the metrics of your daily jog; you’d almost need as much time as the run to calculate the number of calories you’ve burned, the pace or even your average speed. With the Runtastic PRO app for your iOS device, the only thing you need to worry about is running as the app will take care of the rest.

The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up the app is how clean the UI is on the iOS version. It’s extremely easy to navigate from menu to menu, and you can access any piece of data in just a few swipes.

The Runtastic PRO app tracks the following statistics:

  • route
  • pace, speed
  • number of calories burned
  • temperature

And with the Runtastic Heart Rate monitor, your heart rate. While the app is designed for runners, it can be used for a variety of similar activities, such as kayaking, cycling and even low-speed activities, such as walking. If you’ve active in any way, the Runtastic PRO app can benefit you.

Runtastic Pro App

The Runtastic PRO app offers a large number of quality-of-life improvements designed to make your run better. One example is the built-in adjustable delay that occurs when starting the app before a run, giving you time to safely put your iOS device away before the clock starts ticking. Another example is the auto-pause feature, which is great for runners in dense urban environments who find themselves frequently starting and stopping during a run.

At $4.99, the Runtastic PRO app for iOS is an excellent deal. If you’re unsure about whether the app is a good fit for you, the free version gives you a taste of what to expect. All of the tracking features are intact in the free app, with non-essential features such as additional language support and an integrated music player being locked away.


One disappointing feature is that even after buying the Runtastic PRO app, additional in-app purchases are still required to unlock features like training programs.

Whether you’re just starting a new exercise routine or you’re someone who has made running an integral part of your daily life, you’ll find a lot to love in the Runtastic PRO app. It’s a given that once you try the free version, you’ll find yourself paying $4.99 for the upgrade shortly after.