SoundCloud Pulse for iOS

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soundcloud pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is a popular app for musicians looking to stream their music free online.  Share your artistic side on your iOS device. This is the place to release your great tracks, interact with other musicians and fans, and keep track of your online popularity.

soundcloud features


  • People with the same application are able to like it, share it, comment and even download it.
  • It even gives you up to date statistics on the number of plays for each track.
  • You also have control over your music. SoundCloud allows you to block users, delete comments, and reply to comments.

Overall, this is a great application for both upcoming artists and listeners with an iPhone. If you get any push back from this app in terms of it not syncing with the cloud or other connectivity issues, check out IT support LA and get help from the technology professionals who know iPhones well.

Circle 6 Android App

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Circle of 6 is an in innovative android application whose sole purpose is to protect those who use it. Once downloading the app, users can add six, trusted friends to their circle simply by clicking a few buttons. The application will text these people to let them know that they have been added to the users circle and have the option to download the app themselves.


With just a few clicks the user can send three different signals out to their circle. The three different buttons are pin, call or chat. The pin icon sends a message to your circle letting everyone know you need help getting home and sends your GPS coordinates. This is truly ahead of its time and a safety feature that every person should have. The next button is call. The call icon allows the circle to know that you need a call or interruption. Specifically the message is, “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” Lastly, there is a chat icon informing your circle you need to talk.

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