Windows Surface Book

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Tech giant Microsoft was not considered a hardware company until it released the first version of the Xbox video game console in 2001. By the time Microsoft partnered with Nokia and introduced its Surface line of personal computing devices, the tech sector was still not convinced that the company would one day be as dedicated to hardware as its primary rival Apple.

With the new Surface Pro 4 hybrid tablet, Microsoft will certainly convince everyone that its hardware products deserve as much attention as an iPad, iPhone or MacBook. The Surface 4 Pro only features a handful of improvements over the Surface 3, but the verdict is clear: laptops belong in the past.

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iOS 10 Review

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The iOS 10 upgrade grants iPhone owners access to a number of conceptual interactivity upgrades that Apple has been developing and polishing for some time in advance. The visible interface adjustments are relatively minor upon installation, though the first minor cosmetic alteration that users may notice are the lightly redesigned notification bubbles.
Widgets extension functionality

The most significant change that iOS 10 is intended to facilitate is an boost to the performance capacity of certain apps. One of the more subtle but notable signs of iOS 10 empowerment is a streamlined window of access into information-streaming apps made possible through an upgrade Widgets extension capability.

If the user assigns their favorite information-streaming apps into the Widgets pane, then they’ll be able to view updates without needing to manually touch the app icons to pull up their feeds individually.

The new Widgets design places the Today View in three different positions: the lock screen, the notification feed, and to the immediate left of the home screen. In addition to the default widgets that Apple provides as a standard in all iOS 10 installations, there are a number of downloadable widgets that can be added as well

3D Touch display.

Miniature widget icons have been incorporated into iOS 10’s 3D Touch display. 3D Touch consists of three distinct panes: the smart homes control pane, the audio adjustment pane, and the system customization pane.

Third-party app incorporation with Siri

Though Siri is not compatible with all different third-party apps, a few categories of apps can now be accessed via Siri’s recognition. Some of the apps that have been confirmed compatible with iOS 10 Siri are LinkedIn, Uber, and a number of other lifestyle convenience apps designed for outgoing communication, photography and instant mobile payment.

Lock screen redesign

One of the more immediately noticeable updates is the redesign of the lock screen. Rather than going through with the familiar process of sliding a bar across the screen with a finger to unlock the main interface, users now have a two-step process that consists of a Touch ID input sequence and a single depression of the home button.


Ultimately, iOS 10 shows a willingness in Apple to start inching away from its interface’s status quo. Updates such as the lock screen makeover, Widget extensions, Siri’s new compatibility with 3rd-party apps, while not dramatic adjustments, offer appreciable convenience.


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Did you forget your password? LastPass to the rescue! LastPass is an application that will help remember your passwords.


How does it work? Well, instead of memorizing multiple passwords, this app locks all the passwords for you. So you only need to remember one, the master password that will unlock LastPass and reveal everything hidden inside. The password vault also nicely organizes your passwords by site, making it easy for you to find that Facebook password or Dropbox code.

Now, if you are worried about the security of your information, On LastPass website, it informs that “Your data is sealed with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.”

There are three different versions of LastPass:

Free Version

  • Start free on any device
  • Save & fill passwords
  • Secure notes
  • Password generator
  • Two-factor authentication

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